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What is BlackBerry?

BlackBerry is the brand name for a wireless handheld device trademarked by BlackBerry Limited, a company that was formerly known as RIM (Research In Motion Limited). It has released several models since its 1996 debut.

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In The Headlines

On August 19, freelance blogger Evan Blass posted onto his Twitter account information leaking BlackBerry's first Andriod smartphone called BlackBerry Venice. Rumors have been running for years about BlackBerry abandoning its attachment to a QWERTY keyboard to catch up to the rest of the mobile market, and this model seems to support these claims. Blass wrote that it will function completely via touch screen and that it will be purportedly up for sale sometime this November.

BlackBerry has not made an official statement so the truth behind the leak is debatable. Even so, BlackBerry Venice has interested mobile fans around the world.

A long list of Carrier APN Settings is available here:

Carrier APN Settings - ModMyi - Wiki

To add these settings to your device, go to Options > Advanced > TCP

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