Cortado Save The Weekend
Cortado Save The Weekend
Latest Version: (OS)
Genre(s): Communication
Blackberry Model(s): Storm
Price/Donation: Free

Cortado Save The Weekend ensures work-free weekends and evenings for your employees, colleagues, and business partners! E-mails that you write outside of work hours aren't sent until the next work day begins!


According to a study by Mobilcom Austria, 60% of BlackBerry users access their e-mails on weekends. And 91% often feel they are obligated to reply immediately, even though the sender only rarely expects an immediate response.

With Save the Weekend, you avoid having your e-mails delivered outside regular work hours or on weekends. The recipient is spared the pressure of an immediate reply and can enjoy a relaxing evening and work-free weekends.


  • Delay e-mails that you write outside of work hours from being sent to the recipient until work begins.
  • Set whether Save The Weekend should apply on the weekends and/or outside of work hours.
  • Work hours are individually defined.
  • For each e-mail, decide whether it should be sent immediately or delayed.
  • PREMIUM VERSION - In addition to the functions above, Cortado offers a Save The Weekend Premium Version with the following options:
  • E-Mail-Free Friday: E-mails that you write on Fridays aren’t sent until the next day or next business day (as per settings)
  • No Cortado footer at the end of e-mails sent with Save The Weekend

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