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Genre(s): Utility
Blackberry Model(s): Storm

GPSLogger records your movements over time with your BB-phone.


  • Record your movement (as long as you take your BB with you) ;-)
  • Display current Position:
    • Longitude / Latitude
    • accuracy for Longitude & Latitude values
      1. of Satellites
    • current altitude (in WGS84)
    • current course/heading
    • current speed [Ø speed (if available)]
    • travel distance
    • travel time
  • While recording you can mark your current position and specify a Note for it
  • While recording you can pause & resume the recording
  • Copy your current location data [Lon|Lat|Alt] into the Clipboard to be able to paste it in a SMS or eMail (or where ever you like)
  • 4 different Main views:
    • Path View: 2D-View of Longitude & Latitude values
    • Elevation View: Altitude over time
    • Speed View: Speed over Time
    • GPS View: Longitude / Latitude / Speed / course in a large font
    • Switch between Day/Night Mode
  • Options:
    • Select GPSLogger Font Size:
    • Specify the initial view of GPSLogger
    • Specify if the background should be always ON
    • Select NightMode Color Scheme [Yellow/Red/Green/Blue]
    • Specify the sample frequence (in which period the application will record the current position)
    • Directory on your BB device to which your Paths will be recorded (can be also SDCard)
    • Units in which the Data will be displayed (Metric/Imperial/Nautical)
    • Confirm Exit (default OFF)
    • Export Directory on your BB device
    • Specify the recipient list (when you have chosen eMail-Export) - separated multiple recipient eMail addresses by space
    • Export format(s): KML (GoogleEarth), GPX (+GPX MapSource compatible)
  • Load previously recorded Paths
    • Navigate with the trackball through your Path
    • Navigate with the Keyboard through your Path
    • Load previously recorded paths into the Background (as many as you like) to compare the current (e.g. recording) Path with previously recorded Paths. [e.g. to compare your actual hiking or biking route with the ones you did in the past]
    • Export a Path to GPX/KML (depeding on your Settings) to the BB filesystem
    • Export a Path to GPX/KML and send it automatically by BB-eMail to a recipient (list) [recipients configurable in options dialog]
  • The exported KML files can be loaded into GoogleEarth and you can get a detailed view of your paths [download GoogleEarth]
  • The exported GPX file contains the following information about each recorded location (not all the info is included in the Mapsource compatible output):
    • Longitude / Latitude
    • Altitude (in WGS84)
    • Timestamp
    • Course/heading
    • Name of the Point (if it's a named waypoint)
      1. of Satellites
    • Accuracy for Longitude & Latitude values

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