Step 1Edit

From the Main Page, type in the name of the application into the text box and click "Create Page". This will take you to a new page in edit mode.

Step 2Edit

Copy the below code into that new page:

{{Infobox App
|title    = 
|image    = 
|version  =
|genre    =
|model    =
|price    = 

Step 3Edit

Fill in the information to the right of each "=" sign. Delete any lines that you are not using.

So, for example, the Twitterberry code is as follows:

{{Infobox App
|title    = Twitterberry
|image    = Twitterberry.png
|developer= Orangatame Software
|version  =
|genre    = Communication
|model    = Storm
|price    = Free

Step 4Edit

Upload the image (if you have one) from Special:Upload. Name the image with the same filename you used on the "image" line in step 3.

Step 5Edit

Move outside the template (press Enter after the "}}" you see in the code above) and fill in additional information about the app.

Copy and paste the code below and replace the HTML addresses with the new app's links:

==External Links==
*[ Download link], [ Developer website]

That's it!