Are you tired of the pre-loaded same old BOORRRING ringtones for your Blackberry? Ringtones are one of the most popular searched for items by all Blackberry mobile users. If it's not accessories or applications, you can believe it's gonna be Blackberry ringtones. In this article we'd like to show you where you can get FREE Blackberry Ringtones. We searched high and low and low and high and came across the Ringtone Masters - Tune Us In. These guys are really brilliant for creating this site. Needless to say since other sites are charging for ringtones..they're giving them away free. They even have a unsigned artist section. So if you're wanting to see who's new and hot in the music business - then that's where you wanna go. Tune Us In hasn't been around long but it's growing and everyone with a mobile phone is starting to notice these guys. Go ahead over and download your Blackberry Ringtones today.

Tune Us In

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Question of the day: What are the different types of Ringtones available?

Mobile phone ringtones come in three different types. Types: polyphonic ringtones ,monophonic ringtones and true tones.

Polyphonic ringtones / Polyphonic ringtones have can produce 16 separate sounds at one time creating an amazing harmonic melody. Most recent cellphone support the type of ringtones for example : The newer phones from manufacturers like Panasonic, Samsung, Siemens, Motorola, Sony-Ericsson, and LG, now have ringtones capabilities.

Monophonic ringtones / good choice if you are looking for a clear, easy to discern ringtone for your cellular phone. However it's not as popular as polyphonic and true tone ringtones.

True Tone / True tone ringtones, also called real tone or full music ringtones, can play actual music.

Currently Most Popular Ringtones:

Britany Spears Ringtones NickleBack Ringtones

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