Sit or Squat
Latest Version: (OS)
Genre(s): Utility
Blackberry Model(s): Storm
Price/Donation: Free

Sit or Squat is public restroom locater and recorder.

We all find ourselves needing a public restroom every once in a while, whether it's walking down a city block or driving on a highway with a few whining kids in the backseat. This application is designed to be viewed either on your computer or your mobile device.

It functions worldwide as it is based on Google Maps. The toilets on Sit or Squat are submitted by anyone The site can be personalized for each member based on their needs and preferences.
A member is also able to create a list of their favorite toilets as well as share them with their friends.
As time goes by and more data is recorded, the site will continue to get more accurate in ratings as well as more options in places to go.

We all need to relieve ourselves everyday, so the chances of it being somewhere other than your home are pretty high. So for that reason alone, we bring you

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